Community in Every Sense of the Word

There’s a smile around every corner. People still tip their hats and open doors for you. There’s a welcoming spirit of friendship. And an undeniable commitment to helping and serving others. But it’s not just our amazing residents and staff that make The Glebe Independent Living a beautiful place to be. It’s also having everything you need right at your fingertips to nurture your mind, body and spirit.

Our dynamic senior living community in Daleville, Va. is nestled on over 65 well-manicured acres with plenty of wide-open spaces. It’s also surrounded by one of the most breathtaking landscapes imaginable – the Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains.


Beyond the natural splendor, we’re a lively place of fascinating people who enjoy their active lifestyle and making it even better. A carefree community void of housework and chores and full of enriching amenities and hospitality services to enjoy every day as you choose.

Whether it’s a dip in our indoor saltwater pool or a hike along the Appalachian Trail, indulging in an exquisite dinner prepared by our expert culinary team or dining out in nearby Roanoke, attending one of our many arts and education programs or a football game at Virginia Tech, there’s always so much to do, so much to see, and so much life to be lived.

elderly couple enjoying a glass of wine together

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Vibrant Living That Makes Life Shine

At The Glebe, we know true wellness goes far beyond treadmills and chair yoga. To achieve a true state of balance and harmony, it must be a focus in every aspect of one’s life.

Life here is all about supporting vibrant living and it radiates throughout everything we do. It represents our uncompromising focus on your desire to live a life that’s meaningful and fulfilling. It’s about building on your past contributions and recognizing those you have yet to make. It’s all about personal choice and touches the multiple dimensions that brighten every aspect of our residents’ lives:

  • Joy – Your choices that provide a deep sense of contentment as you take advantage of exceptional programs and services. Joy that comes from knowing your home is cared for so you can focus on living the life you want to live.
  • Growth – Your choices that allow you to learn and try new things that enable you to grow intellectually, spiritually and physically within our unique community.
  • Community – Your choices that establish connections with those who have similar interests and experiences. Connections that help create an inviting atmosphere for residents and staff within your community.
  • Purpose – Your choices that are intentional, varied and engage your personal passions. Having opportunities to use your personal strengths, talents and experiences to contribute to the community and serve others.

It’s easy to see how life shines at The Glebe.

Spirituality at The Glebe

The Glebe is part of LifeSpire of Virginia Inc., a faith-based, nonprofit family of retirement communities. These communities were born out of deep faith convictions, principled values, generous altruistic principles, ethical and benevolent morals and a profound vision of a faith community. The Glebe was established on the principles of compassionate care for the elderly and respect for the sanctity and dignity of all life. And at The Glebe, individuals will experience an atmosphere that affirms the values of peace, love, forgiveness and justice.

There’s an ethic of respect and concern given unconditionally to all. Residents express their spirituality through a wide variety of denominations, faiths and religious practices. Spirituality at The Glebe seeks to be inclusive and encourages our residents to maintain connections with their home congregations or faith communities. Local churches visit and support The Glebe residents, and many come on campus to offer education and worship in their particular tradition. Though diverse, we’re united in affirming and supporting freedom of religion, and we’re united in our commitment to learning from each other.

Share your skills and experiences for worthy causes

The benefits of volunteering go far beyond the personal satisfaction of a job well done. Research proves that sharing your skills and experience for worthy causes can improve your overall happiness and mental well-being. Volunteering enriches a sense of purpose and often helps people feel healthier as a result. There are many opportunities to volunteer and add to the community life of The Glebe, as well as to that of the surrounding communities.

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LifeSpire of Virginia Transfer Program

  • LifeSpire of Virginia has a resident transfer program designed to allow residents to transfer between any LifeSpire of Virginia community.
  • As needs change or as friends or family move the LifeSpire of Virginia transfer program enables flexibility in where you live.
  • Transfers are dependent upon space being available at the destination community. For further details on the LifeSpire of Virginia Transfer Program call us at 540-795-2224.