October 6: COVID-19 Update

Independent Living Testing Update:

Last week we began testing individuals residing in Independent Living who had possible direct exposure to COVID 19. Today, we are happy to report that everyone tested negative and remains healthy. 

Beginning Thursday, October 7th the Alleghany Dining Room and the Depot Café will resume normal operating hours. We are still asking residents to refrain from bringing guests in the Alleghany Dining Room. We will make every attempt to relax this request in the coming weeks if conditions continue to improve.

Assisted Living Testing Update:

Our second week of testing in Assisted Living resulted in an additional resident testing positive for COVID. Due to this positive test result we are mandated to have (2) additional weeks of all negative test results. Therefore, Assisted Living will remain on droplet precautions and suspended visitation through October 22nd

Memory Care and Health Care Testing Updates:

Memory Care has completed their first full week of outbreak testing with all negative test results. Memory Care will continue with precautions and finalize the outbreak testing on October 13th.

Health Care has completed their first full week of outbreak testing with all negative test results. Health Care will continue to practice the CMS mandated infection control guidance related to PPE. Second week of outbreak testing will conclude on October 13th.

For residents and families wanting to schedule a “compassion” visit in any of the licensed areas, please contact Social Services by calling 591-2156.

Booster Clinic:

With recent approval and allowance of the COVID-19 booster, The Glebe has partnered with a vaccine provider, Michaels Pharmacy, to administer the Pfizer Booster to all eligible residents and team members.

The Booster Clinic will be scheduled for Friday, October 22nd from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM.  The clinic will be conducted in the same manner as previous vaccine clinics earlier this year.  More details are as follows:

Independent Living Booster:

Each resident will receive the Pharmacy registration form during the week of October 11th -15th. The registration form will need to be completed in its entirety and returned to the main receptionist desk no later than Friday, October 15th. If you need assistance completing your form contact Cindy Howell, 591-2103.

Residents will be presented with an appointment card with their appointment time and the process for reporting to the registration site in the main lobby of the community center. Appointment cards will go out prior to October 22nd

Health Care, Assisted Living, Memory Care Booster:

Residents residing in the licensed areas of the community will be scheduled through the Clinical Nurse Leadership.  Family members and POA’s will complete a consent for those eligible to receive the Pfizer Booster on October 22nd. If you have questions please contact Stephanie Clower, RN, Director of Health Services, 591-2174.

As a follow up to current transmission rates in the greater Botetourt County and Roanoke, we want to remind residents and team members we continue to fall into the RED ZONE/HIGH for transmission of COVID 19. While we understand everyone is fatigued and wonders when we will ever resume a sense of normalcy, I do believe our ongoing efforts to help mitigate the spread of this virus have proven to be successful. The greater community, such as restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment venues have opened and are operating at capacity. As such, The Glebe leadership suggests residents continue to practice caution as it relates to safe practices in the community.

  • Please remember to wear a mask, vaccinated or not
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Practice good hand hygiene
  • Remind your visitors to also wear a face mask when entering the community.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly or any member of the leadership team.


Ellen D’Ardenne, Executive Director