Golfers Tee Off in Support of Benevolence at The Glebe

The 3rd annual Glebe Memorial Green Short Game and Cornhole Tournament is underway in Daleville. Over the next three days, 12 teams will play 18 holes to raise money for The Glebe Endowed Fund for Benevolence. The fund is invested to grow for future benevolent needs.

Residents, family members and vendors teed off September 30 at 9 a.m. Play will continue through October 3. Cornhole will be played on October 3. So far, more than $6,000 has been raised.

This year’s tournament is in memory of Rev. John Coffey, a Glebe resident who passed away in March.

“John started planning the teams he wanted to sponsor in February! He was a great supporter of this fundraiser for endowed benevolence. He was the best sounding board for creative ideas and encourager of diverse discussions a friend could have,” said event coordinator and Glebe resident Pam Renga.