Spirituality at The Glebe

Supporting individual traditions and fostering a community of love and forgiveness

The Glebe is part of LifeSpire of Virginia Inc., a faith-based non-profit family of retirement communities. LifeSpire of Virginia and The Glebe are rooted in the Baptist tradition of Christianity. They were born out of deep faith convictions, out of personal experiences of God’s grace in Christ, and out of a profound vision of a faith community reflecting God’s will and purpose. The Glebe was established on the principles of Christian love, compassionate care for the elderly and respect for the sanctity and dignity of all life. And at The Glebe, individuals will experience an atmosphere that affirms the values of peace, love, forgiveness, and justice.

There is an ethic of respect and concern given unconditionally to all. Current residents of The Glebe express their spirituality through a wide variety of denominations, faiths, and religious practices. Spirituality at The Glebe seeks to be inclusive by promoting and supporting meaning, purpose, love, forgiveness, hope, justice, and peace for all individuals. Residents are encouraged to maintain connections with their home congregations or faith communities. Local churches visit and support Glebe residents, and many come on campus to offer education and worship in their particular tradition. Though diverse, we are united in affirming and supporting freedom of religion, and we are united in our commitment to learn from each other.