Community events and special occasions at The Glebe

We offer the best quality of life and a strong sense of community for active senior living

It is a quality of life and strong sense of community that make life at The Glebe very special. We are committed to continuing the high quality of the community at every level, and our full calendar of community events shows this. By nurturing friendships, providing a network of support, and spreading happiness, fun, and good cheer, we nurture the feeling of community with events, gatherings, and celebrations that include:

Special celebrations — Memories are created and honored at The Glebe. Within the full range of programs offered here, you’ll find we make the most of opportunities to celebrate and remember. Welcome parties and housewarming parties are enjoyed for new residents. Appreciation events for staff and resident accomplishments are also honored.

Holidays celebrations — Decorations, crafts, and special holiday lunches and dinners make important times of the year special on campus. Traditional holiday touches make the holidays magical at The Glebe.

Honor our veterans — We formally honor the memories of our veterans through the Keep The Spirit of 45 Alive Day. In 2010, Congress unanimously passed Concurrent Resolution 226 calling for a national “Spirit of ’45 Day” to be observed on the second Sunday in August to honor the men and women who were the ordinary heroes of the WWII era. We celebrate and honor that day each year with music and memorabilia to commemorate that wonderful day.

Intergenerational programs — The Glebe is partnered with a local middle school to bring young students and residents together in learning from each other by sharing experiences from then and now. Common topics of interest to both become a foundation for discussion and memorable relationships. The semester finishes with presentations of their experience for parents, grandparents, and teachers of the children.