Live with a sense of joy

The Glebe Continuing Care Retirement Community

Dining at The Glebe is exceptional—the food, the scenic views, and the friendly atmosphere. The diverse cultural and social programming is highly entertaining. The opportunities to play and pursue hobbies and interests are seemingly endless and include gardening, woodworking, reading, golf, singing, bocce ball, bridge, dominoes, painting, hiking, billiards and more.

Joy is a state of heart and mind. What brings joy, however, varies by the individual. At The Glebe, we focus on resident-centered service, which means that programs and services are planned with your preferences in mind. What foods do you like? How do you like them prepared? What sorts of programs and events do you enjoy? What are your hobbies? Feedback and dialogue are robust. At The Glebe, joy begins with you.

For more information on how living at The Glebe enhances all of your senses and supports a truly abundant lifestyle, click on the links below.