Kyle Edgell presents “A Healthy Life is a Laughing Matter.”

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11:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Glebe
200 The Glebe Boulevard
Daleville, Virginia 24083

The Best Diet:
Snort-Inducing, Rolling-On-The-Floor, Milk-Through-The-Nose, Side-Splitting Laughter

Research is finding more and more evidence that humor and laughter are good for the body and mind. Just ask Kyle Edgell, a certified gelotologist and speaker at The Glebe’s upcoming event. Yes, you heard that right, a gelotologist — meaning that Kyle studies laughter and its therapeutic effect on the body. In her not-so-serious, interactive presentation, Kyle will discuss the amazing research that reveals how stress, pain, and more can be improved with a healthy dose of humor.

Kyle is also a professional caricature artist — so one member of the audience could end up with a big head, small ears, and huge smile. Try not to fall out of your chair during this presentation told through art and stories on how we can engage with others in a positive way. Begin your daily diet of laughter at The Glebe on Friday, March 10.


Reservations are closed for this event.