Join us for an informative afternoon talk on brain health.

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11:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Glebe
200 The Glebe Boulevard
Daleville, Virginia 24083



Your brain health is just as, if not more important than, your physical fitness

You’re invited to join us for lunch and to learn what you can do to support your brain health as you age. This fun, interactive workshop will be led by Rachel Burks, The Glebe’s own Wellness Coordinator, and will introduce you to our exciting, new Mental Muscle program. Rachel will discuss how this program impacts cognitive well-being and overall quality of life. Come have lunch on us, and leave with practical tips to improve your memory and keep your mind sharp!

Thursday, October 19, at 11:00 a.m.
200 The Glebe Boulevard
Daleville, VA 24083

Mental Muscle at The Glebe provides opportunities for individual brain training and brain exercise in a group setting, as well as lifelong learning activities and events. Through this luncheon, you’ll discover how lifestyle choices can and will make a serious impact on your cognitive well-being. Improvements in diet, mental engagement, exercise and rest can slow cognitive decline and reduce your risk for developing dementia.

Seating is limited.
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