More and more residents are living healthier at The Glebe

In a supportive environment that makes healthy, active, and balanced living easier and more fun, it’s easy to see why more and more residents are signing up to participate in Wellness Programming. Wellness Coordinator Rachel Carson says, “There’s a 200% increase in overall participation since the start of our new Wellness Programming back in November 2014.”

Wellness is more than just physical ability at The Glebe—it’s about living well, improving fitness and maintaining your current lifestyle. From dining, to maintenance of facilities, to activities, to caring for our employees, our team supports a culture of wellness at every level and throughout the community. Residents (and employees) are offered programming that incorporates all dimensions of wellness (social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and environmental) into physical activity for a more comprehensive and effective experience.

The success of the new Wellness Programming can be attributed to a number of different things. Rachel says, “The wellness department spent a lot of time in the early planning stage to get it right.” They used trusted health planning principles, asked for resident feedback through surveys, and learned about the likes and dislikes of the community. “We used results from all our research to determine things like facility operating hours and class times and to create tailored programming that suits the preferences of the community,” she says.

“We’ve seen a 203% increase in resident participation in group exercise classes since the start of new Wellness Programming,” says Rachel. There are 17 different water- and land-based classes—and several of these classes are offered more than once throughout the week. “We encourage any type of participation—and the more the better,” says Rachel. Many residents have started to see positive results. Some say they feel better overall, others report weight loss and one participant says her clothes fit her much better and she has less joint pain.

There are so many different ways to stay active. And since maintaining such a lifestyle is essential for health and vitality, wellness is a fundamental component in how we foster life in abundance at The Glebe.