Virginia Apple Season

We’re lucky to live in such a bountiful and beautiful location. In fall, we can get fresh apples just off the trees and enjoy all the wonderful apple dishes that are synonymous with the harvest season at the Ikenberry Orchards next door. Virginia’s apple harvest begins in June but the majority of Virginia apples are harvested in September, October and early November. The Glebe Community sits on 65 acres that were once part of the Ikenberry Orchard. So, our neighbors have the freshest produce around. Apples are their specialty, and they grow different varieties including:

  • Lodi – June
  • Summer Rambo – July
  • Ginger Gold – August
  • Gala – August
  • Early Variety Fuji – late August
  • Golden Delicious – September
  • Red Delicious – September
  • Jonathan – September
  • York – October
  • Cameo – October
  • Mutsu – October
  • Stayman – October
  • Rome – October
  • Winesap – October
  • Granny Smith – October
  • Fuji – late October

If you’re interested in the freshest apples in Botetourt County, these apple farms offer the best apple picking:

Ikenberry Orchards
1265 Roanoke Road
Daleville, Botetourt County, VA

Layman Orchards
Route 220 North
Daleville, Botetourt County, VA

Kinzie (R.M.) Orchard Company
375 Apple Orchard Lane
Troutville, Botetourt County, VA

Nichols Orchard
1124 Apple Orchard Lane
Troutville, Botetourt County, VA