Get In the Loop with the Circle of Friends

You already know you love The Glebe — but maybe the home you want is not yet available. That’s why we’ve created the Circle of Friends where you can enjoy the benefits of retirement and become a member of this priority group. You’ll join our waitlist and get first access to your desired apartment, and you’ll get to know new neighbors and start taking advantage of the many things The Glebe has to offer.

When you join the Circle of Friends you’ll get a head start on your retirement by making lasting connections and experiencing the benefits of a lifestyle centered around wellness. Life at The Glebe is more than the home you live in — but the community that surrounds you. That’s why members get access to many of the community areas that residents enjoy everyday. You’ll discover a lifestyle centered around wellness. Delight in the exceptional fresh food and thoughtfully prepared menus that allow you to take a break from home cooking and meal planning. Take a dip in the pool or enjoy a relaxing soak in the spa and you’ll realize that retirement is much different than you’d imagined. And this is just the beginning.

Circle of Friends members can experience the benefits of this retirement lifestyle now. The totally refundable $1,000 deposit to join can be used as part of your entrance fee toward your new home or it will be returned to you if you change your mind at any time. Call us at 866-376-8990 or visit us online, and we’ll set you up today.