Four ways to improve your fitness at The Glebe

Maintaining an active retirement lifestyle is essential for health and vitality. In addition to all the other ways we contribute to our philosophy of “life in abundance,” we provide wellness programming that promotes and enhances physical activity, self-awareness, and knowledge of healthy living. All residents have the opportunity and choice to grow their well-being. The Glebe offers a variety of fitness facilities and specialized equipment at three locations on campus. With so many great choices just outside your front door, it’s easier than ever to focus on wellness and stay active.

1 – Johnson Aquatic Center
Large windows around the saltwater pool let in lots of natural light. There are sweeping views of the mountains all around. And residents say that they have never been so enticed to go for a swim before. In such a beautiful atmosphere, it’s easy to see why aquatic exercise is quite popular at The Glebe. A range of equipment accommodates various abilities and styles of exercise and includes:

  • Water dumbbells, sizes small, medium, and large
  • Pool noodles, sizes small and large
  • Aqua gloves, sizes small, medium, large, and extra large
  • Flotation belts
  • Kick boards
  • Pull buoys
  • Pool toys such as beach balls, a floating basketball hoop, floating ring toss, and rubber ducks


2 – The Glebe’s Fitness Room
Some machines in our former fitness room were very popular. So at the start of the new Wellness Programming in November, we added even more specialized equipment to meet growing demands. The new location on the 2nd floor is larger and more convenient to the pool and locker rooms. Now there’s room for new equipment including 2 rehabilitation treadmills, 2 indoor cycles, cross trainers and more. There’s a stretch corner complete with posted step-by-step guides to stretching, a small set of dumbbells, and stability/balance equipment. It’s easier than ever to use our full range of specialized equipment including:

  • Specialized Cardiovascular Equipment
  • Variety of Strength Equipment
  • Stretching/Stability/Balance Equipment


3 – Exercise Classroom
With the start of the new Wellness Programming in November, the wellness department upgraded the equipment in the exercise room to meet needs of residents and staff. New items include:

  • Exercise Bands with handles
  • Exercise Balls
  • Dumbbells 1 lb. through 8 lbs.


4 – Walking
In addition to the formal exercise rooms, the wellness department distributed and posted community walking maps to promote walking indoors during the cold winter months and outdoors in warmer weather. The indoor map includes distances for the hallways on the second and third floors. The outdoor map features several routes of different lengths around the campus. Many residents have shared that these maps have been useful. They say now they’re able to set personal distance goals for daily and weekly walking. In fact, 57 residents participated in the Spring Walking Challenge. It took just under 5 weeks to meet our goal of 1,000 miles.


To find out more about active living in the community, call us at 866-376-8990.