Frequently asked questions about retirement living at The Glebe

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Below are the questions we receive most often about living at The Glebe. You can also click here to see resident Anne Brugh answer other frequently asked questions about The Glebe.

What is The Glebe?

The Glebe is an all-inclusive, Continuing Care Retirement Community that inspires active living and a healthy lifestyle. We’re a non-profit, faith-based community located just minutes away from the vibrant city of Roanoke. The Glebe offers the warmth and friendliness of a small town, together with all the conveniences of daily living.

Residents choose to live in maintenance-free apartments or cottages and benefit from a host of amenities and services that promote independence and optimal health. This includes access to a full continuum of on-site care, including licensed assisted living, licensed nursing care, rehabilitative therapy, and an on-site clinic. The community includes 133 apartments, 20 cottage homes, 32 private assisted living residences, and 32 private nursing care residences.

The Glebe welcomes people of all faiths and adheres to the Fair Housing Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and HIPAA. The community attracts a diverse group of residents from the Roanoke Valley, as well as across Virginia, and several other states. Residents enjoy a wide variety of interests and have varied backgrounds. They are planners who share a desire to remain in control of their lives, while assuring a fulfilling quality of life.

Who owns The Glebe?

The Glebe is owned and operated by LifeSpire of Virginia Inc., a non-profit, non-stock corporation. LifeSpire of Virginia has operated retirement communities in Virginia since 1948. It’s governed by a Board of Trustees, which is composed of business, clergy, and lay leaders. Trustees serve without compensation. The Glebe is managed by an administrative team employed by the Board.

What is Life Care?

Life Care at The Glebe means residency, services, and care for life. Seniors contract in advance to live in a comfortable residence, enjoy community-based amenities and services, and plan for their future needs. As health conditions change, residents remain on-site close to friends and neighbors and move between independent living, assisted living, and nursing care at The Glebe.

With Life Care protection, monthly fees stay the same as care and service levels increase. When residents move to assisted living or nursing care, the only additional charge is for two extra meals per day and any ancillary costs such as medical supplies and pharmacy services. While monthly fees don’t increase for changes in levels of care, the monthly fee continues to be subject to an annual cost-of-living increase.

Life Care helps shield residents from spiraling health care costs and provides the assurance that they will always receive the care they need at The Glebe — even if they outlive their financial resources.

What housing is available?

The Glebe offers an attractive choice of residential options. Seniors can select from seven different apartment floor plans and four styles of cottages. Apartments range in size from one bedroom, one bath to two bedrooms, two baths with den and dining room. All cottages feature two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living/dining room and a two-car garage. In addition, some cottages feature a den. All residences have wall-to-wall carpeting, balconies or patios, nine-foot ceilings, individually controlled heating and air-conditioning, ample closet space, and well-equipped kitchens.

How old do I need to be to move to The Glebe?

Our community is open to adults who are 62 years of age and older. The Glebe attracts a diverse group of residents with varied backgrounds, faiths, interests, and incomes. We encourage seniors to move to The Glebe when they are active and young. This will enable them to fully enjoy the amenities and active lifestyle at The Glebe.

How much maintenance is my responsibility?

You maintain only what you bring with you or install yourself, and even then there will often be help available. The Glebe maintains the appliances that come with your residence, the inside and outside structures, carpeting, heating and air-conditioning, and landscaping. We also provide trash and snow removal.

Do I need to carry homeowner’s insurance?

No. However, you will want to consider renter’s insurance to cover your possessions.

Are apartments furnished?

Carpeting, blinds, a washer and dryer, and kitchen appliances are provided by The Glebe. You bring your own furniture. You will enjoy decorating your residence to suit your taste.

What types of fees do residents pay? Will there be increases?

There is a one-time entrance fee and a monthly fee. The fees vary, based on the type of residence, number of occupants, and the entrance fee refund option selected. Monthly fees are reviewed and adjusted on an annual basis. Adjustments are based on the cost of operations to ensure sound fiscal operations and prudent reserves.

Do I own my apartment or cottage?

No. There is no ownership or equity involved. At The Glebe, the entrance fee is similar to a single premium annuity, or prepaid rent with a lifetime lease. In return, you receive accommodations, services, use of amenities, and access to assisted living and nursing care.

How does residency at The Glebe affect my taxes?

Residents are able to use a percentage of the fees as a prepaid medical expense and apply it toward an income tax deduction. In the first year of residency, a portion of the entrance fee may be used; a portion of monthly fees may be used annually. The amount that may be used varies from year to year. Every year, guidance is issued to residents letting them know what portion of their entrance fee and monthly services fee is related to the provision of medical care. Every resident’s tax situation is unique, and The Glebe does not provide tax advice. For personal tax advice, please seek advice from a trusted tax adviser.

How do I become a resident of The Glebe?

The first step is to select your apartment or cottage and make a fully refundable $1,000 deposit. Next, you will complete application forms and have a clinical evaluation. Based on meeting physical and financial criteria, you pay the balance of the entrance fee and move to your new residence at The Glebe. We have a move-in coordinator on staff who will provide assistance with your move to the community.

Are cable television and high-speed Internet services available?

Basic cable television, Internet and Wi-Fi service are included in your monthly services fee. Premium cable is available at an additional cost.

Do I pay for my utilities?

Utilities are included in your monthly services fee. This includes heating and air-conditioning, electricity, water, sewer, basic cable TV, Internet and Wi-Fi access, telephone, trash pick-up and snow removal.

Are recreational and entertainment programs available?

Extensive cultural, spiritual, educational, fitness, and social activities are available. In addition, on-site amenities at The Glebe include an art studio, woodworking shop, game room, billiard room, business center, library, chapel, and a variety of gathering rooms for conversation, relaxing, and fellowship. In addition, there is outdoor space for flower and vegetable gardening, and a greenhouse, as well as beautiful walking trails.

What does the Botetourt County area offer to residents?

Botetourt County is rapidly becoming the most sought-after place to live in the Roanoke Valley. There are recreational, sightseeing, shopping, historical, cultural, and educational opportunities for residents and visitors. In addition, you can enjoy hiking, golfing, fishing, and picnicking in several nearby parks and recreation areas. There are also two 18-hole golf courses nearby. For more information on the area, see

What type of security is provided?

Each apartment and cottage has an urgent call system. Our security staff patrols the building and grounds on a regular basis during the evening hours. Visitor traffic is controlled through one major entrance. Automatic security on all exterior doors restricts access to residents and staff 24 hours a day.

Are pets permitted?

Yes. Pets are permitted at The Glebe with some restrictions. Dogs are allowed in ground-floor apartments or cottages. Pets must not bother the neighbors, and residents with pets are required to abide by The Glebe’s pet policy.

Are guests welcomed?

Certainly! The Glebe is your home, and we encourage you to have your family and friends visit as often as you want. Guest rooms are available or guests may stay in your apartment or cottage. All are encouraged to use the amenities and facilities on campus.

Is transportation available?

Yes. The Glebe offers scheduled trips to shopping areas, medical centers, and physician offices. Transportation is also available for scheduled events.

Is there a fitness center?

In a sense, everything about The Glebe is part of a “fitness” program. The concept is to make it easy for residents to lead satisfying lives and maintain good health in every way. We offer a modern aquatic and fitness center, exercise classes, and a variety of wellness programs. In addition, the dining room and café offer nutritious meals — and we have a dietician available for residents.

Is there a Residents’ Council and, if so, who can be a member?

The Glebe has a Residents’ Council, and all residents are voting members. All residents are eligible to become a member of The Glebe’s Residents’ Council.

Can I later move to another apartment or cottage at The Glebe?

Yes. A resident may move to another cottage or apartment, based on availability and priority. Written requests will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis and require administrative approval. Residents have priority over non-residents.

Where do I park my car?

Lighted parking areas are provided for apartment residents. Cottages have driveways and garages. Also, ample guest parking is available.

What health services are available?

Health services include a clinic with scheduled nurse office hours, administration of prescribed treatments, pharmacy services, and services of other medical specialists. In addition, The Glebe offers rehabilitative therapy services, assisted living, and a licensed nursing facility that is staffed around the clock.

Is The Glebe a smoke-free community?


How much does The Glebe cost?

Residents at The Glebe enjoy lifetime residency that includes their choice of a spacious apartment or cottage home, comprehensive amenities and services, and access to an on-site continuum of care. These benefits are provided through a one-time entrance fee and monthly services fee. The entrance and monthly fees vary depending on the type of residence, number of occupants, type of agreement, and refund plan selected.

Residents choose our community for many different reasons. Yet, all agree that living at The Glebe is a value compared to the cost of home maintenance, lawn upkeep, property taxes, utilities, wellness programs, social activities, health club membership, 24-hour security, emergency services, and access to quality care. For pricing information based on your individual preferences, please call us at 866-909-9777.

What does “Glebe” mean?

Glebe is an Old English term referring to church-owned property. In the American colonies, glebe land was often farmed or rented out by the church to cover living expenses and support the clergy who lived there. In our case, the community is on Glebe Road, which traces its name to “The Glebe at Botetourt,” established near this site in the 17th century.

How do I get more information?

You may call The Glebe at 866-909-9777, contact us by using our information request form, or simply send us an email. We are happy to send you information, schedule a tour, and answer your questions. We are here to serve you and help you make the most of your retirement years.

If you have further questions and would like to speak with someone in person, please call us at 866-909-9777.