With The Glebe Fee for Service options, residents have flexibility

Fee for Service options overview

Residents of The Glebe live in a well-appointed cottage or apartment residence and enjoy a full array of services and amenities, and appealing activities that make for a rewarding lifestyle. These benefits are provided through a one-time entrance fee and monthly services fees. Fees vary depending on your choice of residence, number of occupants, type of agreement, and the refund plan.

Fee For Service Option

With our Fee for Service Contract, residents pay a one-time entrance fee and monthly service fees for lifetime residency at The Glebe. This includes a choice of apartment or cottage, as well as community-based services, amenities, and activities.

When residents require short- or long-term assisted living or other health services, they pay for those services when the need arises. This gives residents the flexibility to use their existing long-term care insurance policies or personal funds to pay for on-site assisted living and nursing services.

Standard Declining Refund

This plan refunds the entrance fee to the resident or resident’s estate on a declining basis over a 50-month period.  The Standard Declining Refund plan is available under both the Life Care and Fee for Service plans. The entrance fee, less a 4% administrative charge, is amortized at a rate of 2% per month for the first 50 months of occupancy. After 50 months, residents may continue to receive all of the rights and benefits of residency with payment of the on-going monthly service fees; however, there is no refund of the entrance fee.

90% Refundable

This refundable entrance fee plan is available under the Life Care and Fee for Service plans. For the first 10 months of residency, the entrance fee is refundable to the resident or resident’s estate, less a 4% administrative charge and a deduction of 1% per month. When the resident is no longer living at The Glebe, the refund is never less than 90% of the original entrance fee paid upon occupancy less the 4% administrative charge.